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What is Grassroots.Vote?

Founded by author, speaker, and long-time political grassroots organizer, Jason W. Hoyt, Grassroots.Vote is a network of anti-establishment Patriots focused on God, the Constitution, Liberty, and the proper role of government while fervently reminding our elected representatives they work forĀ us.

Join Grassroots.Vote today to meet Patriots across the country and in your area. Sign up now, join your State Group and request access to your Congressional District Group to start getting organized.

Each group will focus on news, information, events, elections, policy debates, and issue advocacy. Finally, all in one place, you can share news, campaign updates, and events that involve all your government representatives.

WARNING: If you are a bully, antagonist, or a close-minded big government statist -- you'll be kicked out without question.

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